We have been here since time immemorial

For millennia, Indigenous Peoples have called these lands home. Destination Indigenous invites you to see the beauty of nature through our eyes, experience the best of our legendary hospitality, and feel a deep connection through our shared traditions and storied history. Join Indigenous guides on a transformative journey on their traditional territories, and enjoy the wit and wisdom of storytelling handed down through generations. Indigenous tourism awaits.


Culture & Heritage

Immerse yourself in Indigenous culture

Join us for genuine cultural experiences and build meaningful connections between our past, present and future. Hear stories, songs and legends that have been passed down through countless generations, take part in a cultural tour or workshop, and witness the intricate beauty of Indigenous arts and crafts.

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Wildlife, Nature & Adventure

See nature and wildlife through Indigenous eyes

Step out into the wild and take in the beauty of the natural world through an Indigenous lens. From the seas, mountains and rainforest to the prairies and the tundra, explore unique landscapes and experience the wonder of respectful animal encounters with your Indigenous hosts and guides.

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Accommodation & Relaxation

Welcome to the heart of Indigenous hospitality

From rustic camping and upscale glamping to lakeside cabins, luxurious resort spas, casinos and golf courses, authentic Indigenous accommodation and relaxation options offer something for every vacation. No matter whether you want to get away from it all or be at the heart of the action, you’ll feel at home with your Indigenous hosts.

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