Every piece tells a story

From high fashion to gifts and intricate carvings to smartphone cases, Indigenous artisans and craftspeople in Canada weave cultural traditions and modernity to create high-quality and striking goods. Indigenous merchandise sometimes integrates traditional craftsmanship passed down through Oral Traditions, or it may represent a fusion of Indigenous and non-Indigenous practices. No matter your budget or taste, shopping for Indigenous goods in Canada will leave you impressed and inspired.

Find Indigenous Gifts in Canada


Fashion and jewellery with Indigenous flair

Modern-day Indigenous fashion and jewellery is both wearable and avant garde. Some designers integrate traditional cultural stories, practices and landscapes, while others source precious metals and sustainable materials from the natural world. Indigenous Peoples are behind some of the most forward-thinking trends in Canadian fashion, and prove that the Eurocentricity of the fashion industry is starting to shift.


Authentic Indigenous art and craftsmanship

Leveraging deep ancestral connections with modern-day influences, contemporary Indigenous artists and craftspeople pull viewers into an emotional and vibrant journey. Modern Indigenous art forms include everything from ceramics, acrylic and mixed media to graphic design and beadwork. Hand-woven blankets, baskets and hats by Indigenous weavers are valuable collectables, as are hand-carved masks, totems and sculptures.


Unique and memorable items

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for that special someone or just want a little something for yourself, Indigenous designers, artisans and craftspeople offer a wide range of unique gifts and mementos. All across Canada, you’ll find everything from technology accessories to kitchenware, sage bundles and thoughtfully created Indigenous crafts for kids.


Where to shop for Authentic Indigenous goods

From coast to coast to coast, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to visit Indigenous owned gift shops and art galleries. In many cases, Indigenous shop and art gallery owners are closely connected to the local community and the Indigenous artisans whose goods they display. To see an artist in action at a gallery or visit an artist’s studio, browse through these many unique offerings.


Supporting Indigenous artists, communities and cultures

When Indigenous cultural symbols and goods are mass produced by non-Indigenous companies or individuals, the culture, history and hard work of Indigenous Peoples is devalued. When you purchase an authentic Indigenous product, you know that the designs have been shared appropriately and that the Indigenous artists and communities will see the economic benefit.

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