Andrew Germain, Indigenous Tourism Québec

”Being new to the tourism industry, it’s an honour to have the opportunity to learn and represent the diversity of our amazing Indigenous Culture. The current pandemic situation revealed the resilience of our businesses and I am really proud to help them face this unprecedented crisis.”


Andrew McDonald, Director of Marketing & Communication, Wanuskewin Heritage Park 

”I am humbled to work at Wanuskewin. As a non-Indigenous person, I appreciate the opportunities to learn from our Elders and staff as we build immersive experiences based on historical and Cultural truths. It fills me with great pride to know that we are doing important reconciliation work that will impact our community for the better.”


Roberta Wally, Carcross/Tagish First Nation youth

”Being a part of something that is bigger than you while trying your best to do things in a good way is how we try to do everything. This is what I love seeing; everybody and everything working together for a greater purpose. This is home and our way of life.”


Robin McGinley, Executive Director, Voyages Eeyou Istchee Baie‑James Inc.

”Wachiya, I have been living my dream for 20 years by working for the Cree Outfitting and Tourism Association (COTA). I love collaborating with our communities and our entrepreneurs to develop a sustainable tourism industry in Eeyou Istchee. Tourism is a perfect way to preserve our Culture and create opportunities for our youth.”


Dustin Peltier, Wikwemikong Tourism Information Centre 

”Having been recognized as the ‘Cultural Capital of Canada’ in 2006, Wiikwemkoong Unceded Territory is a proud and progressive community. Wikwemikong Tourism is proud to expresses our vibrant community’s Anishnaabek culture through our guided Indigenous experiences and by hosting events that draw visitors from all over the world.”


Kim Cheechoo, Tourism Officer, Moose Cree First Nation 

”We are the Tourism team for Moose Cree First Nation located on the island of Moose Factory. We are proud and very honoured to come from a community that holds so much beauty in all its surrounding areas. We share hands-on learning to those who come to visit us.”


Katie Johnson, Director of Programs and Partnerships, Yukon First Nations Culture and Tourism Association 

”I love working with our strong Indigenous People and communities. The work we do at Yukon First Nations Culture and Tourism allows me to create opportunities for Yukon First Nations through creative and innovative projects and events in the tourism and culture sectors.”



Jillian Larkhtam, Director of Tourism, Nunatsiavut Government

“I love working with communities and partners, I see tourism as a way of preserving our Culture and our stories. Hebron also holds a special place for me; Inuit were forced to relocate but through our programs, we get to bring Inuit back and now we share our stories with everyone.”


Kimberly Cross, Kahnawake Tourism

”Kahnawake is my home town. I love that when I greet visitors and I take them around our community, they feel like part of the family. We show them who we are, have conversations, tell stories of our past and present. I am proud to share our community, that is thriving with Culture, language and history.”


Shae Bird, Executive Director, Indigenous Tourism Alberta

”I am extremely fortunate to represent the various Indigenous communities and entrepreneurs on Treaty 6, 7 and 8 territory, and the homeland of the Métis. There is a diverse inventory of Cultural experiences, Traditions, and history throughout Alberta, and to be able to represent and support this diversity where I call home is really special.”


Jamie Thomas, Director, Culture and Tourism, Lennox Island First Nation

”Our people are very proud of their Mi’kmaq Culture; I love that we are working together to revitalize our language, practice our Culture and engage in Traditional ceremonies. Creating unique experiences which allow us to educate visitors on our true history is one of the most rewarding components of what we do.”


Samantha Rullin, Stakeholder and Marketing Coordinator, Indigenous Tourism B.C.

”British Columbia is home to over 200 First Nations, and I love getting to learn about them. I’m proud of what we do as an organization to support Indigenous communities in a way which respects our Traditions and values as Indigenous people while also providing the opportunity to participate in the global economy.”


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