You’ve probably had just about enough of the inside of your house — and your summer trip has been cancelled, so turn your sights to the majesty of your home province! If you are in Quebec, we’ve done the research for you… you should try out some authentic Indigenous experiences at Restaurant La Sagamité, Hotel Musée Premières Nations, Huron Traditional Site, and Essipit.

After four months of pandemic life in the city, you’re ready for an escape. Ever since the country started talking about deconfinement, adventure has been beckoning. Originally, you and your friends were going overseas for a summer vacation… but that’s off the table for now. But don’t be too disappointed, there are hidden gems right here in Quebec!

Escape from Home

Many people know very little about the history of the Indigenous Peoples in Quebec but our  Indigenous tourism operators offer visitors unique trips and authentic experiences, which people are craving right now. With that in mind, consider exploring this beautiful province by checking out some Indigenous tourism spots and maybe learning something along the way too!

Planning your escape

Plan Your Escape

This is not your average road trip, so it pays to be prepared and we have some amazing tips to help plan your perfect escape. First, head to Restaurant La Sagamité in Quebec City. This culinary gem has been around since 1999 and was named after the Wendat Peoples’ main dish: a hearty soup enriched with game and the famous “three sisters,” squash, corn, and beans. With a full belly, take a 20-minute drive to the Hotel Musée Premières Nations to lay your heads at this 4-star establishment surrounded by nature. It’s only minutes from the city, but the soothing sounds of the Akiawenrahk’ River will make you feel like you’re miles from town. If you want to experience something out of the ordinary, book the storytelling package at the hotel and experience the myths and legends of this Nation in the national longhouse of the Huron-Wendat.

The next morning, it’ll be time to head to the Huron Traditional Site. Located in the Huron-Wendat community, this unique spot invites visitors to discover the history, culture and lifestyle of the Hurons — past and present. You can visit the sweat lodge, the smokehouse and the Yänonhchia’ (Long House).

The next stop is Essipit. A few hours outside of Quebec City, these Innu lands are a hotbed of wildlife activity and adventures waiting to be had. For over 35 years, Entreprises Essipit has been offering recreational tourism adventures to visitors looking for authentic experiences. The operation is owned by members of the community, who value a cooperative community system and have a deep, abiding respect for natural resources.

Bear Watching

At Essipit, you should plan on visiting Lacs à Jimmy first. You’ll follow a guide to a secure shelter, where you’ll watch black bears in their natural habitat. Did you know that the black bear, also called “Mashku,” is the animal that the Innu hold in highest regard? Afterwards, you definitely want to go to Essipit Cruises at Les Bergeronnes for one of their famous whale watching tours. Based on their reviews, you’re pretty much certain to catch sight of majestic humpbacks in the St. Lawrence Estuary.A trip to Essipit would not be complete without a night at their amazing Condos Natakam or at one of their 2 campgrounds with ready to camp options! Essipit is simply ”Innubliable”

Plan your own once in a lifetime escape


If you’re looking to plan a unique adventure with an Indigenous experience, look no further than this website. You’ll find loads of Indigenous tourism providers, from nature and adventure to campgrounds and resorts and cultural experiences, all listed on the map—and it is easy to tell which businesses are open this season. Remember to stay safe and follow all COVID-19 safety guidelines. Please also check to make sure the destination you are travelling to is ready to welcome visitors. Happy planning!

To get help with your planning your escape, you can also contact our travel agency partner, Indigeno Travel:




Ryan Rogers

Ryan Rogers

Ryan is ITAC’s Marketing Coordinator from the Musqueam Nation in Vancouver, BC. Ryan has a love for traveling, experiencing new cultures and a passion for making a difference in Indigenous communities. He takes great pride in representing Indigenous interests in his career.