À Wendake, tout près de la ville de Québec, vous êtes invités à découvrir un parcours enchanté célébrant la vie et les valeurs de la grande Nation huronne-wendat.

Dès la nuit tombée, le long d’un parcours de 1,2 km, vous serez transportés par la magie de la lumière, du son et des projections vidéo. Cette expérience multimédia immersive vous plongera dans une aventure collective riche en émotions, connectant le mythe fondateur à un futur porteur et rassembleur.

Sous la voûte étoilée, imprégnez-vous des rythmes et des chants ancestraux. Entrez dans le Grand Cercle et ressentez votre connexion avec tous les êtres vivants.

Onhwa’ partez à la rencontre du peuple huron-wendat:

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Lieu de l’activité : 100, rue Grand Chef Thonnakona, Wendake
Stationnement : 110, rue Grand Chef Thonnakona, Wendake
Condition: Non applicable sur les forfaits. Non remboursable, échangeable.


You are invited to Wendake, near the city of Quebec, to discover an enchanted night walk that celebrates the Huron-Wendat Nation and their way of life.

As night falls, you will be transported along a 1.2-kilometre pathway infused with the magic of light, sound and video projections. This immersive multimedia experience will invite you into a collective adventure rich with emotion, that bridges the founding myth to a vision of a bright and promising future.

Under the starry sky, immerse yourself in ancestral rhythm and song. Step inside the Great Circle to feel your connection with all living things.

Onhwa’ enter into the heart of Huron-Wendat culture:


Promo code: QcYQB20%.

Location: 100, rue Grand Chef Thonnakona, Wendake
Parking: 110, rue Grand Chef Thonnakona, Wendake
Condition: Not applicable on packages. Non-refundable/non-exchangeable.


Zane Buchanan

Zane Buchanan

Zane, a Métis writer, producer, and digital storyteller based in Vancouver, British Columbia, takes great pride in the diverse career path he has forged. Starting as a freelance journalist, he transitioned into travel media when he was appointed the 2019 Saskatchewanderer by Tourism Saskatchewan. This experience solidified his standing in the tourism sector and paved the way for his work with the Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada (ITAC). At ITAC, Zane contributes to the creative direction of The Original Original authentication program and Destination Indigenous (ITAC’s consumer-facing presence). He oversees content and brand integrity while also serving as the executive editor of Nations Magazine.Beyond ITAC, Zane regularly contributes to Canadian Geographic, focusing on ethical travel. His contributions have earned him the esteemed title of a fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society, and he serves as a judge for the Travel Media Association of Canada Awards. His leadership includes a direct partnership with the Assembly of First Nations, with whom he attended the Historic Papal Visits in Rome in April 2022, in line with the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s 94 Calls to Action.As a sought-after speaker, Zane has presented at renowned conferences and events such as South by Southwest (SXSW), The SEE Conference, The International Indigenous Tourism Conference (IITC), and The IMPACT Conference. His influence extends to other creative mediums, including presenting the Contemporary Indigenous Artist or Group of the Year Award at the Juno Awards Ceremony annually.Beyond his various roles, Zane is the founder and creative director of CIVL Creative, a digital agency designed to meet the unique needs of nonprofits and social enterprises.