Follow Angela Code of the Sayisi Dene First Nation as she embarks on an authentically Indigenous itinerary that spans the vast lands known as Canada. From the wondrous winter landscapes of her birthplace in Churchill Manitoba, to the distinct urban influences of The Coast Salish on the pacific coast, Angela guides you through the storied histories of our traditional lands.

The Original Original Series is brought to you by the creative vision of Destination Indigenous and The Solidarity Union North (TSU NORTH), an entirely Indigenous owned and operated film production company based in Whitehorse, Yukon. Whether in the wild or in confined space, in working with actors or real people in raw places, TSU North leans into a story’s pulse to capture the human spirit – in all its complexities – challenging, celebrating and bringing to life the universal truths about the world we all share.


“I was excited to take part in this project. I felt like it was an opportunity to explore different Indigenous communities and tell the stories that are not often told”

Angela Code reflects on her journey while visiting Indigenous communities across Canada. Angela meets with storytellers, artists, business owners and Elders to hear their stories, learning about the land, the culture, the language and the music and sharing it with each of you. 

Ross River:

“Hearing their stories and their perspectives is so important in terms of reconciliation and fully understanding our history”

In central Yukon, about 360km northwest of Whitehorse, in the Traditional Territory of the Kaska Dene people is the historic community of Ross River. Join Angela Code and TSU North as they immerse themselves in the rich storytelling and authentic art of this community.

The Salish Coast:

“Having utmost respect and gratitude for the natural environment is a core value for many Indigenous People. This reverence for the land is often reflected through Indigenous art”

In the second episode of The Original Original series, Angela Code absorbs the ethos of the pacific coast through her immersion in Northwest Coastal Art and Fashion. With storied exchanges with K’ómoks and Kwaguʼł artist, Karver Everson, and Kaska Dene and Cree designer, Sho Sho Esquiro, Angela takes you on a visceral journey through Coast Salish Culture.

Churchill, Manitoba:

“When you share the history of our people, there’s no avoiding this place”

Follow Angela Code as she connects with her ancestral roots in her birthplace of Churchill, Manitoba. There, she honours the resilience of the Saysi Dene people, through storied exchanges with members of the community. Her reverence for her home is beautifully encapsulated when she is pulled through the winter tundra by the sled dogs of Wapusk Adventures, followed by a polar bear viewing exclusive to the region.


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Zane Buchanan

Zane Buchanan

A proud member of the Saskatchewan Métis Nation, Zane is honoured to work as Digital Marketing Manager for The Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada. Formerly known as ”The Saskatchewanderer”, Zane is now the founder and creative director of CIVL Creative, a content studio for nonprofits and community/cultural initiatives.