Hospitality is an age-old tradition among the Huron-Wendat. Nothing is left to chance to allow you to take full advantage of the human experience that we are committed to offer. In Wendake, near Québec City, you’ll find the only recognized Huron-Wendat community in all of Canada, located near their former village of Stadacona. High-quality infrastructures have allowed the community to promote its heritage and develop the cultural tourism sector.

Hotel-Musée Premières Nations

Nestled on the banks of Akiawenrahk River and only a 14-minute drive from Old Québec, the Hôtel-Musée Premières Nations welcomes you to the Huron-Wendat reserve of Wendake. The boutique First Nations hotel offers 55 rooms & suites inspired by First Nations culture. The rooms are amazingly comfortable and the decor is simple and unique, yet modern. The renowned in-house restaurant, LA TRAITE, offers the finest Northern Quebec gourmet cuisine and in the summer, you can enjoy food and drinks on a patio surrounded by nature. After dinner, relax in the Indigenous-style natural spa or take a swim in the indoor swimming pool.

Musée Huron-Wendat

Delve into the history of a vibrant culture. Discover objects which evoke ancestral traditions that still echo in memory. An exceptional collection is presented with an interactive approach to explore the themes of territories, memories and knowledge. With its permanent and temporary exhibitions, cultural activities, animated and guided tours (with audio-tours available in 6 languages) and Ekionkiestha’national longhouse, the Huron-Wendat Museum invites you on a real journey through time and history. Huddle around the hearth in the longhouse and listen to the myths and legends of the First Nations as they are told by a storyteller. The more adventuresome can even stay the night!

Onhoüa Chetek8e Huron Traditional Site

Take an immersive trip back into the heart of Huron-Wendat ancestry and discover the rich history, traditions and living Culture of its People. Explore our traditional way of life through guided tours, tales and legends. Paddle a canoe with a guide and hear stories of the river and traditional methods of transport. Take part in a craft workshop and create your own medicine wheel from deer leather, goose and pheasant feathers, to chase away illness and protect each and every home around the world. Watch a colourful dance show and join in the closing Friendship Dance.

Restaurant Sagamité

Named after the tasty home-grown ‘Three Sisters’ squash, corn and red bean soup enriched with game that’s at the heart of Huron-Wendat culinary culture, the Sagamité restaurant has been delighting locals and visitors from around the world since it opened in 1999. Blending a potent brew of history, crafts, art, and gastronomy through a love of food and Huron-Wendat Culture, take a seat at the table and enjoy an immersive experience. Don’t miss the house speciality, the Yatista, which shares the importance of fire to the Wendat Nation through a stunning flaming centrepiece. 

Wendake International Pow Wow

This important festival highlights authentic First Nations traditions at the Carrefour Artistique de Wendake. Bring the whole family to watch the international dance & drum competitions held within the heart of the community at the magnificent open-air dance circle next to Akiawenrahk’ River. Listen to traditional songs; discover our crafts & cuisine; and learn how we are safeguarding our traditions. First Nations from near and far converge to engage in colourful competitions to the rhythm of drum beats. The PowWow is the ideal moment to immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of the Huron-Wendat Nation. The program and additional information are available on the website.

Onhwa’ Lumina 

You are invited to Wendake, near the city of Quebec, to discover an enchanted night walk that celebrates the Huron-Wendat Nation and their way of life. As night falls, you will be transported along a 1.2-kilometre pathway infused with the magic of light, sound and video projections. This immersive multimedia experience will invite you into a collective adventure rich with emotion, that bridges the founding myth to a vision of a bright and promising future. Under the starry sky, immerse yourself in ancestral rhythm and song. Step inside the Great Circle to feel your connection with all living things. Onhwa’ enter into the heart of Huron-Wendat culture:


Location: 100, rue Grand Chef Thonnakona, Wendake

Parking: 110, rue Grand Chef Thonnakona, Wendake

Condition: Not applicable on packages. Non-refundable/non-exchangeable.

Sébastien Desnoyers-Picard

Sébastien Desnoyers-Picard

Sébastien is ITAC’s Vice President. Sébastien was born and raised, and still lives in Wendake First Nation near Quebec City. As a proud Huron-Wendat, he takes great pride in defending Indigenous interests throughout all aspects of his life and career.