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Join us on a journey through the lands and across the seas that have influenced our ancestors, cultures and traditions. All across Canada, Indigenous guides offer unique insights based on a deep connection to the land and lessons passed down through generations. Learn about the link between the rare spirit bear and legends of climate change, connect to the healing power of plants on a medicine walk or hear legends of eagles and whales as you view them in the wild.

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Look nature straight in the eye

Bring nature closer than you ever thought possible. Marvel at the athletic grace of the grizzly bear as it catches salmon in the wild, travel deep into the rainforest to see the magical, rare spirit bear, or follow your Inuit guide to spot polar bears in the Arctic. Witness orcas, humpbacks, narwhals and belugas slap their tails on the waves on a whale watching tour in one of Canada's many seas. Join Indigenous guides to see eagles wheel overhead, hear wolves howl in the forest and watch bison and moose nibble grass on the prairies.


Follow the paths of our ancestors

Share in our love for our traditional territories and the wisdom of the natural environment. Join a guided tour to learn about plant medicine and historical knowledge passed down since time began, available as easy walks or more strenuous hikes. Learn the secrets of the shore and the seas from your comfortable seat on a boat tour, offered all across the country. Or sit back and relax as the Aurora Borealis weaves its colourful magic for the best show in the Arctic.


Fun under the sun

Longer, warmer days bring exciting outdoor adventures accompanied by knowledgeable Indigenous guides. Bump through the backcountry on an ATV tour, paddle ancient trade routes in a kayak or canoe, see nature from a fresh perspective on your stand-up paddleboard or ride the waves on a river rafting adventure. Looking for more? Take a floe edge tour to reach the edge of the ocean ice in the Arctic, where animal life is abundant and unique.


Unlimited activities in snow and ice

Journey into the heart of Canadian winter to experience once-in-a-lifetime adventures. Travel alongside Indigenous guides who bring generations of wisdom on how to survive and thrive, no matter how far the thermometer falls below zero. Cross frozen lakes with energetic sled dogs, or embrace your need for speed on a snowmobile. Snowshoe in the unparalleled quiet of a snowy landscape or learn all about the intricate engineering required to build an igloo.


Take to the water with an expert guide

With over two million lakes, thousands of rivers, and the longest coastline in the world, Canada’s waters are the ultimate fishing destination. Here, you’ll find waters teeming with salmon, trout, walleye, pike, catfish, bass and more. Go ice fishing on silent expanses of frozen lakes, cast your line at the river’s edge or boat alongside jagged coastlines. Let your savvy fishing guides take you to the secret spots where trophy catches lie in wait.

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Arctic Bay Adventures

Arctic Bay, Nunavut

Experience the natural wonders of one of the most unique destinations in the world with Inuit-owned Arctic Bay Adventures on Baffin Island, Nunavut. Nestled snugly amidst stunning mountains, Baffin Island is a traditional hamlet with a population of approximately 800 people, and its name in Inuktitut is Ikpiarjuk which means “the pocket”.

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Stewards of the land since time immemorial

Indigenous Peoples have deep, long-standing connections to the land, and many believe our place in nature is just one part of a large, interdependent ecosystem. Learn about the many ways our spiritual relationship to the world around us informs our past, present and future.

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