Wild Summer - August

Walk remote creeks and hike through towering forests in search of wildlife and adventure. Enjoy exclusive 'on land' access to Kitasoo Xai'xais territory.

Starting Price: $3550.00

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Take a Gock Cultural Tour

2-hour guided tour - Remote wilds of Gros Morne, view mountains, ponds and potential wildlife sighting. Storytelling local traditions and Mi'kmaq culture. Accessibility for those of limited mobility.

Starting Price: $125

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Staycation at Microtel

Explore the incredible natural beauty right in your backyard. Get access to our pool, hot tub, & water slide. We'll also give you snacks, trail maps, and a smores kit to use at our Ere pit!

Starting Price: $170.00

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Scenic Jet Boat Tour on the Fraser and Harrison Rivers

Sit back, relax and bring your camera! Enjoy the beautiful scenery, spawning salmon and attract thousands of eagles in the fall.

Starting Price: $800.00

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Rainforest Recharge - June and July

As full waterfalls roar and Rowers bloom, the rainforest enters a remarkable period of renewal. Now is the perfect time to explore vast natural treasures and interact with Kitasoo Xai'xais culture.

Starting Price: $2830.00

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Multi-Pitch Climbing

Take the next step and experience the transformative power of hanging 300 meters above the ground. Learn to belay on the rock, technical descents and take your climbing to unexplored new heights.

Starting Price: $575 (For Two People)

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Mackenzie River Canoe Expeditions

Canoeing, camping and genuine Indigenous culture on one of the longest rivers in the world, the Mackenzie River!

Starting Price: $2889.00 + GST /Person

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Mackenzie Nahanni Experience

Experience Yellowknife, the amazing Dehcho, the mighty Mackenzie River, the world famous Nahanni National Park and genuine Indigenous culture AND stay in a comfortable B&B or hotel each night!

Starting Price: $5449.00 + GST / Person

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Silent Retreats in the Forest

Four days in the forest, three in complete silence; private interviews with seniors T8aminik Rankin and Marie-Josée Tardif, vigils of the sacred fire, Matato (sweat lodge)

Starting Price: $575.00

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Four On The Fox - Via Ferrata

Climb one of the amazing via ferreta located in the David Thompson Corridor, with three friends. Guided by ACMG guides, this amazing adventure takes you up the face of Mount Stelfox.

Starting Price: $499

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Sacred Drum Making

Heartbeat of the child, heartbeat of mother earth, the drum is much more than just a musical instrument. Everyone makes their own drum thanks to the teachings of T8aminik.

Starting Price: $495

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Dehcho Summer Road Adventure

If you like road trips, always wanted to experience northern Canada and want to learn more about and experience genuine Indigenous culture, then this 7-Day northern Canada road adventure is for you!

Starting Price: $3789.00 + GST /Person

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